Urgent Job Openings in Maintenance Project - Kuwait

Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, has cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. Kuwait City, the capital, is known for its modern architecture, ranging from skyscrapers to the striking Kuwait Towers, water towers whose design recalls the tiled domes of a classic mosque. The Tareq Rajab Museum houses a rich collection of ethnographic artifacts and Islamic art.

Client Interview on 01st April 2017 at New Delhi, on 04th April 2017 at Mumbai, on 06th April 2017 at Hyderabad and on 08th April 2017 at Chennai for following positions.

Vacancies in Mechanical Division

  • Mechanical Foreman
  • Mechanical Technicians
  • Plumber
  • Pump Operator
  • Assistant Plumber
  • Assistant Mechanical Technician
Vacancies in Electrical Division
  • Electrical Foreman
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Control Technicians
  • LV Technicians(Fire, Access etc)
  • Lift Technicians
  • Assistant Electrical Technicians
Vacancies in HVAC & Other Divisions
  • HVAC Foreman
  • AC Technicians
  • Assistant AC Technicians
  • HVAC Controll Technicians
  • Chiller Operator
  • Boiler Operator(Steam)
  • BMS Operator
Jobs by Provided by RK International, New Delhi
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