Job Opening in Canada - Suncor Energy

In 1967, we pioneered commercial development of Canada's oil sands – one of the largest petroleum resource basins in the world. Since then, Suncor has grown to become a globally competitive integrated energy company with a balanced portfolio of high-quality assets, a strong balance sheet and significant growth prospects. Across our operations, we intend to achieve production of one million barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Suncor Energy is a Canadian integrated energy company based in Calgary, Alberta. It specializes in production of synthetic crude from oil sands. Suncor ranks number 134 in the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Available Vacancies:
Position Work Location Date of Post
Analyst, Project Tailings  Canada Apr 3, 2017 
Manager, Retail Site Help Desk  Canada Apr 3, 2017 
Geotechnical Engineer  Canada Apr 3, 2017 
Specialist, Executive Support  Canada Apr 1, 2017 
Human Resources Administrator  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Senior Accountant, Legal Entity Reporting  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Team Leader, Procurement  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Analyst, Crude Fort Hills  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Commercial Advisor  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Solution Architect, Business Services  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Transportation & Logistics Advisor  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Lead Solution Designer - Enterprise Appl  Canada Mar 31, 2017 
Supervisor, Upgrading Maintenance  Canada Mar 30, 2017 
Mine Engineer, Fine Tailings  Canada Mar 30, 2017 
Area Manager, Turnaround  Canada Mar 30, 2017 
Auditor Canada Mar 30, 2017 
Analyst, Pensions  Canada Mar 30, 2017 
Coordinator, Permits  Canada Mar 29, 2017 
Maintenance Supervisor Canada Mar 29, 2017 
Heavy Equipment Operator, Mine  Canada Mar 29, 2017 
Senior Advisor - POS Canada Mar 29, 2017 
Inspector, In-Service Pressure Equipment  Canada Mar 29, 2017 
Supervisor, Mine Dispatch  Canada Mar 29, 2017 
Inspector, Mechanical  Canada Mar 28, 2017