Urgently Required for SRACO Company | Oil & Gas Maintenance Projects - KSA

SRACO Company. (SRACO), founded in 1982, is one of the oldest established independent companies in Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in Dammam, SRACO has offices in Riyadh and Jeddah. As a conglomerate, SRACO has a workforce of over 15000 employees gainfully employed throughout the Kingdom.

SRACO is a well known construction, Consulting and Maintenance Company with over 30 years of combined experience in the construction, Consulting and maintenance trades. Our business focus is directed toward general contracting and commercial plant and facility maintenance
Required for the following vacancies:

No. Positions Location
1 Auto Electrician KSA
2 Electrical Technician KSA
3 Barber KSA
4 Sofa Maker / Tailor KSA
5 Carpenter - Finish + Repair KSA
6 Plumber KSA
7 Boiler Technicians KSA
8 Car Mechanic - Petrol / Diesel KSA
9 Generator Mechanic KSA
10 HVAC Engineer KSA
11 HVAC Technician KSA
12 Laundry Equipment Tech KSA
13 Lift Technicians KSA
14 Medical Gas Technicians KSA
15 Mechanical Engineer KSA
16 Mechanical Technicians KSA
17 Pump Mechanic KSA
18 STP Operator KSA
19 WTP /RO Operator KSA
20 Generator Tech – Electrical KSA
21 High Voltage Tech KSA
22 Electronic Technician KSA
23 Central & Network Tech KSA
24 Fire Extinguisher Tech KSA
25 Home Appliance Tech KSA
26 Xerox Machine Tech KSA
27 Agriculture Tech KSA
28 Pest Control Tech KSA
29 Steam Boiler Operator KSA
30 Steam Boiler Operator Tech KSA
31 Gas Station Operator Tech KSA
32 Maintenance Tech – Substation KSA
33 HVAC Control Supervisors KSA
34 HVAC Water Chiller Operator KSA
35 Desalination Machine Operation Tech KSA
36 Pest Control Technician for Bahrain KSA
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