Job Openings in Middle East Oil & Gas Refinery / Petrochemical Project

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Oil & Gas Refinery / Petrochemical Project
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No. Positions
1 Foreman – Plant / Machinery / Vehicles
2 Booster Station Operator
3 Mechanical Engineer
4 Piping supervisor
5 Heavy Bus Driver
6 Pipe Line Operator
7 Scaffolder
8 Pipe Laminator
9 Tyre man
10 Catalyst Supervisor
11 Pipe Fitter
12 Scaffolding Supervisor
13 Piping Supervisor
14 Rigger
15 Rigging Foreman
16 Spray Painter
17 TIG +ARC Welder (6G)
18 Scaffolding Foreman
19 Planning Engineer – Mech
20 Material Controller / Coordinator
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