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Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, has cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. Kuwait City, the capital, is known for its modern architecture, ranging from skyscrapers to the striking Kuwait Towers, water towers whose design recalls the tiled domes of a classic mosque. The Tareq Rajab Museum houses a rich collection of ethnographic artifacts and Islamic art.
Required for the following.
Position Salary(KD)
Planning Engineer KD 750
Site Engineer KD 850
QA/QC Engineer KD 750
Piping Supervisor KD 450
Material Controller KD 350
Store Keeper KD 150
Safety Officer KD 450
Fire Watcher KD 150
Rigging Foreman KD 250
Rigger KD 100
Heavy Driver KD 160
Pipe Fabricator KD 170
Pipe Fitter KD 100
Tig & Arc Welder KD 200

Client Interview on 1st April 2017 at Little Flower Engineering Institute Cochin
Jobs by M/s Arvind Human Resources, Cochin
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