Consolidated Contractors Company - Shortlisting in Progress for Their Project in Saudi Arabia

CCC’s origins go back to 1952 when three talented young entrepreneurs, the late Kamel Abdul-Rahman, the late Hasib Sabbagh, and Said Khoury, joined forces to create one of the first Arab construction companies.
After decades of growth, CCC continues to practice the same style of management incorporated at its founding, a style based on mutual trust with clients, ease of communication, and smooth collaboration across locations and departments. Since the company’s humble beginnings, the CCC Group has expanded to include several subsidiaries, augmenting CCC’s regional and international status. Today, CCC leads the industry in the adoption of new technology to improve construction efficiency and enhance project controls.

Shortlisting in Progress...

No. Position
1 Chargehands 
2 Electrical
3 Plumbing
4 Rigging
5 Scaffolding
6 Steel Erection
7 Structure
8 Electrical Foreman
9 Steel Erectors
10 Instrument Fitters
11 Pipe Fitters
12 Instrument Technicians
13 Plumbers
14 HVAC Duct Installers
15 Riggers
16 Pipe Fabricators
17 Scaffolders
18 Electricians
19 Millwright Fitters

Final Client Interview on 27th February
Jobs by Al Samit International, Mumbai 

Interested Candidates can submit your CV's now to: